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Mt Etna is a volcano that is found on the eastern coast of Sicily in Italy.This volcano is very active. Mt Etna is 11,000 feet in height which is a long hike, the volcano is great for the town and city people as the volcano ash makes the ground rich with nutriants.

The people of the towns and the citys are not afraid of the volcano ,they live on as that is not dangerous to them. the earthquakes that are happening more and more frequently is what is dangerous to them,the people of the towns and cities said what is requoted below ; - " the volcano is not a danger to us, it is a blessing. The volcanic ash puts nutriants into the ground. The earthquakes are happening very frequent recently ,they are getting worse and are getting further up the richter scale. The earthquakes are destroying our land and some of our buildings, all the volcano does is simply put nutriants into the ground for our crops to grow better. we see the volcano as a blessing not as a danger to us."


There has been some major volcanic eruptions in the past from Mt Etna,there was a big one back in 1991. It started on the 14th december 1991, and lasted for 473 days.This information i gained from a volcano explorer website,called volcano live,i have included the link for you to see, http://www.volcanolive.com/etna.html  . If this information is a fact, this means that the eruption  ended on the 31st march 1993.

This eruption was very big, the towns people trIed to build an earth wall to divert the fast running lava, this wall was 234m long and 21m high, this stopped and diverted the lava for about a month,then the lava started overflowing and going over the top of the wall. The towns people needed to build more smaller walls to try to divert the fast running lava,this they did, these walls were 160m long and 12m high.

Try as the villagers did,the walls didnt do any good as the lava still went over the top. It began to travel,and was fast aproching the outskirts of the town Zafferana.Time was running out fast so they decided to have one last try at diverting the lava by creating a artificial channel with explosives, not just a little bit of explosives but 7000kg of explosives and it worked.

The lava was successfully diverted away from the towns and cities.This put the populations out of firing line to disaster,The lava was diverted away from the towns buildings and precious artifacts,and into the route of farm land.

what a relief to the population that this major disaster was stopped from hitting devistating measures,and in view of there amazing plan,re directed into farm land,where the lava,would nutrialise the farm ground,and work together to do good for the villagers and towns,instead of destroying them.

Please refer to pictures i have also included,and further information gathered and included with this work,to give you a more detailed insite to the volcano Mt Etna,also the ski slopes,and what attractions are on the island of sicily,and why tourists still are visiting there,but not in volcanic season,the visitors are allowed to visit  between november and march,this is the safe season to ski,please also refer to the safe times shown in the visitors of Mt Etna section. 


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